GAP Promotes Privacy Statement for All Emails

GAP Promotes Privacy Statement for All Emails to Protest Mass Surveillance Revealed by Whistleblower Edward Snowden

Yahoo leads NSA-FBI account content data demands

Fresh disclosures about national security requests indicate that Yahoo was ordered to hand over content from more accounts than other tech firms during the first six months of 2013.

Hacked Belgian cryptography expert could be victim of NSA-GCHQ surveillance

Belgian authorities are investigating a hacking attack on a computer of an internationally renowned cryptography professor. America’s NSA and Britain’s GCHQ are among the suspects.

N.S.A. Choice Is Navy Expert on Cyberwar

In nominating Vice Adm. Michael S. Rogers as the new director of the National Security Agency on Thursday, President Obama chose a recognized expert in the new art of designing cyberweapons,…

NSA Hires First Civil Liberties and Privacy Officer

The National Security Agency’s newest employee has her work cut out for her, based on the surveillance information leaked from the organization in the past seven months.

Rethinking the privacy laws

The article considers how Congress should update the privacy laws that regulate government access to e-mail and other Internet communications, both for contents and metadata, in criminal investigations.

NSA’s mass phone data collection is illegal, says government privacy board

The US government’s privacy board has sharply rebuked President Barack Obama over the National Security Agency’s mass collection of American phone data, saying the program defended by Obama last week was illegal and ought to be shut down.

NORQUIST: Saying no to spooks at the SEC

Privacy act reform shouldn’t weaken Fourth Amendment protections

The Quiet Battle to End Warrantless Email and Cloud Surveillance

Last month, the Center for Democracy and Technology’s Mark Stanley launched a We the People petition in support of Electronic Communications Privacy Act reform.

If You Want Obama to Rein In the NSA, You’re About to Be Disappointed

President Obama has a rare opportunity this week to reshape the nation’s counterterrorism strategy. He won’t take it.

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